SeaSight Camera Systems

Our SeaSight camera systems extend beyond our type 410 camera to cover a range of requirements for feed monitoring and site surveillance around pens and barges. Each camera we manufacture is made with consideration for the harsh marine environments they will be operating in.


SeaSight 410 Underwater Camera

The SeaSight 410 Camera is an extremely robust yet versatile unit designed for long-term deployment in exposed aquaculture sites. It offers a 360-degree continuous pan and tilt which means no stops and no blind spots. It is also fitted with a simple lens cleaning brush which will remove any build-up of fouling or cleaner fish without having to pull up the camera each time it needs to be cleaned.


Key Points:

  • High-quality video - “Colour and monochrome” or “Monochrome only” cameras are available with optical setup tuned for optimum image and pellet identification.
  • Infrared mode - Our colour cameras drop into IR (mono) mode at very low light levels offering a highly flexible solution.
  • Optional on-board optical dissolved oxygen sensor (pictured below) can be mounted under a field-removable support plate meaning it can be retrofitted to an existing camera or removed for service without the camera leaving the site.
  • The camera has also been fitted with an onboard depth sensor that is able to provide depth which is accurate to 0.1m.
  • Data from all connected sensors is overlaid onto the video image.
  • Used in conjunction with the SeaSight data logger; temperature, oxygen and depth can be recorded against time for analysis.






Video system PAL
Resolution 530 TV Lines
Total pixels 795 x 596
Pan / Tilt 360 degrees / 360 degrees
Weight 7.5 kg
Depth rating 110 m
Power supply 24 Vdc
Connector BH8MP
Depth sensor range/accuracy 50 m / 0.1 m



Dome Network Camera

High performance full HD dome network camera is armed with a 30x optical zoom lens. The camera is commonly mounted on the barge and is able to capture fine details at top-notch quality and smooth video quality with resolutions of up to 60 fps at 1920 x 1080. This camera can cope effortlessly with the challenging lighting conditions faced in 24/7 surveillance.



SeaSight 216 Look Up Camera

Fixed, underwater video camera with infra-red LED illumination suitable for feed monitoring or for transport tanks. In zero light conditions such as live fish transport, the compact and rugged design is a perfect fit for these simple low-cost installations.




SeaSight 101 Surface Camera

Monitor surface activity around pens or on feed barges. Keeps watch for uninvited predators or as a safety camera monitoring lone workers. Compact, robustly made with a tough shell rated to IP67 - perfect for sea sites and wet environments.