Feed Barges

Our expertise in the design and manufacture of a highly durable range of feeding barges has enabled us to successfully deliver almost 100 to the global aquaculture market. As designer and builder, we are totally flexible in our approach to customer requirements and on every occasion we utilise our experience and knowledge to meet new needs and fully satisfy growing trends in feeding.





Robustly built to last in hostile environments

Our reputation for building ruggedly engineered low whole-life cost feed barges is well established.

Comprising a full range of concrete and steel models across varying feed capacities from 80T up to 750T, we are proud of our ability to consider the individual requirements of each of our customers when selecting feeding barges for their next site installation - whether that be at a basic level or with a high-end specification in mind.

Feed barges are delivered fully fitted out with SeaFeed feed systems, hoppers, generators, tankage, ensiler and compressors as required and all electrics in addition to operational and fully customisable living accommodation.


Highest standards of quality

We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards of quality, as well as embracing continuous improvement.

This begins from rigorous quality checks throughout the manufacturing process and continues to final checks post on-site installation. Customer liaison is maintained to ensure designs can continue to be enhanced, to meet the complex and developing needs of our customers.

Our in-house approach to design and manufacture, combined with the use of analysis software allows us to maintain close control from inception to manufacture ensuring quality is maintained and customers exacting standards are met.



Designed for purpose

Our barges are designed to deliver low whole-life costs to the operator and are totally focused on their functional purpose. Rugged marine design and inherent stability provide a long low maintenance service life.



Manufactured in-house

We build our barges in-house at our own quayside shipyards in Scotland and in partnership with trusted contractors globally meaning our customers can be assured that we control the manufacturing process at every step of the way.



Comfort on board

Our barges can be built with customer specified accommodation options including underfloor heating, air conditioning, showers, galleys, de-salinators, living and sleeping accommodation with gym, sauna and leisure facilities.