SeaFarm 450T to 750T Steel Barges

Our SeaFarm range of steel barges are designed to be utilised in large, remote or high energy sites where a steel barge is preferred. They have been designed as such with flexible space, good seakeeping and safe, secure operation along with uniquely weather-protected selector valves all in a low cost, high volume package.

SeaFarm Steel Barges are the result of many years of barge building, utilising our experience of almost 100 SeaMate and SeaCap barge builds and deliveries to multiple countries.

  • Storage capacity in the SeaFarm barge is extensive and allows for a high volume of additional functional dry storage with a dedicated 'load-on load-out' platform aft.
  • Tankage and impact protective void space is integral to the barge design and provides large volume storage tanks for fuel, water and ensiled waste.
  • Good seakeeping characteristics are achieved by capturing the sleek and shapely design of modern ships with tapered bow and stern, while the operational needs of a remote or high energy site are intelligently provided for.
  • Protection and safe access to selectors are integral to the design of the barge with SeaFeed selectors protected from the weather behind a bulkhead minimising impact of weather through lost or broken feed pipes and allowing safe all round for maintenance.
  • In keeping with Gael Force tradition, the designs of the barges can be flexible to accommodate the farm’s requirements, built in accordance with DNV, and designed to operate in the most exposed sites.




  450T 500T 750T
Length 31.5 m 35.5 m 40 m
Breadth 12.5 m 12.5 m 12.5 m
Hull depth (to main deck) 4.5 m 4.5 m 4.5 m
Load draft 2.85 m 3 m 3.1 m
Freeboard midships 1.65 m 1.5 m 1.4 m
Silo capacity useable volume 112 m3 112 m3 112 m3
Number of silos 6 8 10
Total feed capacity 450T 600T 750T
Diesel 34T 34T 34T
Freshwater 12,000 L 12,000 L 12,000 L
Silage 74 m3 84 m3 84 m3
Sewage 5000 L 5000 L 5000 L



SeaQureFarm Integration

SeaFarm 450T - 750T barges have been designed to be an integral part of our SeaQureFarm integrated farm design.  SeaQureFarm delivers lower production costs to the operator through the integration of farm processes which will include fish health treatments, recovering value from morts along with integrated net hygiene systems.

seaqure farm integration.jpg

Flexible process space

There is a dedicated high volume space created on the barge to allow for the integration of other site operations including fish health treatments, fresh water production and storage, and mort processing.


flexible process space.jpg

Modular in design

The modular design of our SeaFarm steel feed barge range creates significant efficiencies in build costs across the range and maximises barge capacity.

modular in design.jpg



forward view seafarm barge.jpg

Forward view of SeaFarm barge featuring protected inboard location of selectors.


Safe and comfortable

Work facilities and arrangements are designed into the layout of the barge with plant room aft and accommodation and elevated 360-degree view control room forward, providing views over the site but also aft across the whole of the barge.

safe and comfortable.jpg