SeaFarmBase 400T Barge

SeaFarmBase is the latest addition to our range of barges, built in response to an increasing number of more remotely operated farms and to enable staff to live-aboard with access to comfortable and modern recreational facilities.

Flexible in design, SeaFarmBase can be built to accommodate customer-specific needs and built locally with licensed partners thus offering an economical and cost-effective solution to remote farming and large volume sites.

  • Live-aboard barge measures 30 metres by 18 metres and can accommodate up to 10 people living on site.
  • Separate from the living quarter of the barge is the working quarter where all machinery is housed, and garage space/storage rooms are available. On top is the elevated control room with spacious open plan design for all the farm controls and feeding system computers, plus ample meeting space and day-use welfare facilities.
  • Recreational facilities on the barge, such as gym and sauna offers space for the farmers to relax after their shift.
  • Installed complete with the highly reliable SeaFeed Offshore Feeding System.
  • Robustly built with concrete hull for long life and very minimal maintenance.


Feed Capacity 400 tonnes
Number of silos 4
Freshwater Up to 10,000 litres
Silage Up to 35,000 litres
Diesel Up to 35,000 litres



Plan 30 mtr x 18 mtr
Bottom to main deck 4800 mm
Freeboard (light) 2300 mm
Freeboard (loaded) 1490 mm
Base slab 300 mm
Outer walls 250 mm







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