SeaFeed 100T to 300T Feed Barges

Our SeaFeed range of steel barges are best suited to smaller, remote sites. They have been designed as such with flexibility in space, good seakeeping and safe, secure operation along with uniquely weather-protected selector valves all in a low-cost package.  SeaFeed Steel Barges are the result of many years of experience in barge building at our very own engineering facilities based in Scotland.


  • Storage capacity in this SeaFeed steel barge range allows for a high volume of additional functional dry storage.
  • Tankage and impact protective void space is integral to the barge design and provides storage tanks for fuel, fresh water and grey water holding.
  • Good seakeeping characteristics are achieved by design, with shaped bow section to allow the SeaFeed barge to look and act like a boat in rougher seas.
  • With this compact barge design, you still have space to house all the required plant yet still have ease of access for maintenance.
  • In keeping with Gael Force tradition, the designs of the barges can be flexible to accommodate the farm’s requirements, built in accordance with DNV.
  • Comes complete with highly innovative SeaFeed Feeding System.
  • Modular design allows flexibility in volumes of feed storage.


Wheelhouse options

With such a versatile design, the wheelhouse space can be designed to accomodate the highest level of specification making this a comfortable barge to operate daily.






  SeaFeed 100T SeaFeed 150T SeaFeed 200T SeaFeed 300T
Length 16 mtr 18.1 mtr 20.69 mtr 23.75 mtr
Breadth 8.6 mtr 8.6 mtr 10.5 mtr 10.5 mtr
Depth 3.15 mtr 3.15 mtr 3.4 mtr 3.4 mtr
Draft 2 mtr 2 mtr 2 mtr 2.2 mtr
Silos 4 x 25T silos 4 x 37T silos 4 x 50T silos 6 x 50T silos
Total Feed Capacity 100T 150T 200T 300T
Diesel 10,000 litres 10,000 litres 10,000 litres 10,000 litres
Freshwater 1,000 litres 1,000 litres 2,000 litres 2,000 litres




SeaFeed 100T


SeaFeed 150T


SeaFeed 200T (low wheelhouse)


SeaFeed 300T (low wheelhouse)


SeaFeed 200T (high wheelhouse)


SeaFeed 300T (high wheelhouse)