SeaFeed 600T Feed Barge

  • The storage capacity in the barge allows for additional functional dry storage as well as offering storage tanks, which could easily house ensiled waste, or fresh water for fish treatments.
  • In keeping with Gael Force tradition, the designs of the barges can be flexible to accommodate the farm’s requirements, built in accordance with DNV, and designed to operate in the most exposed sites.
  • The Barges can easily be adapted to offer additional space for accommodation, welfare, or storage demands. An elevated control room offers extensive 360 degree views, and houses the feeding and farm control technology.
  • The design, is such that it captures the sleek and shapely design of modern ships with tapered bow and stern for excellent sea keeping, but remaining functional for the operational needs for on site.
  • With safe access all round, extensive storage space and well thought through selector positioning, protected internally from the weather.
  • The special design of the barge can accommodate fish treatment and mort processing aboard.


Principal Dimensions
 Length  35.5 m
 Breadth  12.5 m
 Hull depth (to main deck)  4.5 m
 Load Draft  3 m
 Freeboard midships  1.5 m
 Silo Capacity Useable Volume  112 m3
 Number of Silos  8
 Total Capacity  600T
 Diesel  34T
 Freshwater  12000 Ltr
 Silage  84 m3
 Sewage  5000 Ltr


Plan and Section Diagrams