SeaMate 150T Feed Barge

Concrete SeaMate 100T/150T

  • The concrete structure design life is taken to be 40 years in accordance with BS8007 (Design of Concrete Structures for Retaining Aqueous Liquids).
  • Factors of Safety have been introduced into the design process in accordance with BS8110 (Structural Use of Concrete) and BS6349 (Design of Maritime Structures).
  • All materials used in the construction of the SeaMate are specially selected for their suitability for use in the hostile marine environment in which a SeaMate will operate.
  • Feed capacity: 100 / 150 tons
  • Freshwater tank: 1300 litre
  • Length: 14 metres  
  • Breadth: 10.5 metres
  • Structure: Base slab minimum of 400mm thick. Outer walls are 300mm thick.  Partition walls 200mm thick.  Both decks are 180mm thick.

Gael Force Engineering Ltd:have NQA ISO 9001:2008 certification for the Design and ISO9001RegUKAS-Col.gifManufacture of Floating Concrete and other Steel Structures, and the Design, Manufacture and Installation of Marina Pontoons. General Engineers and Fabricators.


Plan and Section Diagrams