SeaMate 300T/350T Feed Barges

  • The concrete structure design life is taken to be 40 years in accordance with BS8007 (Design of Concrete Structures for Retaining Aqueous Liquids).
  • Factors of Safety have been introduced into the design process in accordance with BS8110 (Structural Use of Concrete) and BS6349 (Design of Maritime Structures).
  • All materials used in the construction of the SeaMate are specially selected for their suitability for use in the hostile marine environment in which a SeaMate will operate.
  • Proven to operate successfully in some of the most hostile waters possible
  • Silo capacity: 300 Tonne (nominal) / 350 Tonne (nominal)
  • Length: 14 metres  
  • Breadth: 14 metres
  • Structure: Base slab minimum of 400mm thick. Outer walls are 300mm thick.  Partition walls 200mm thick.  Both decks are 180mm thick.
  • Construction: Steel Reinforced Concrete

Gael Force Engineering Ltd have NQA ISO 9001:2015 certification for the Design and Manufacture of Floating Concrete and other Steel Structures, and the Design, Manufacture and Installation of Marina Pontoons. General Engineers and Fabricators.


Plan and Section Diagrams