SeaMate 300T/350T Feed Barges

The SeaMate 300T/350T is renowned for being highly durable in the rugged marine environment, has excellent seakeeping abilities and requires very low maintenance.

Key Points:

  • The concrete structure design life is taken to be 40 years in accordance with BS8007.
  • Delivered fully fitted out with SeaFeed offshore feed system, feed hoppers, generators, tankage, ensiler and compressors as required and all electrics in addition to operational and living accommodation.
  • Wide staircases and ample room offer users plenty of space to easily move around and gain access to plant equipment.
  • The barge can be tailored to customer needs with an extensive list of modern accommodation options including underfloor heating, showers, custom kitchens and furniture.
  • SeaMate 350T creates additional silo capacity by increasing the dimensions of the silo fillers and reducing the internal accommodation.
  • Ample space is available for a comfortable lounge area where relaxed seating, coffee tables and TV screens can be fitted.




Standard Capacities

Feed capacity 300 tonnes 350 tonnes
Number of silos 4 4
Freshwater Up to 4,000 litres Up to 4,000 litres
Silage Up to 25,000 litres Up to 25,000 litres
Diesel Up to 20,000 litres Up to 20,000 litres
Capacities can be customer specified



Plan 14 mtr x 14 mtr
Bottom to main deck 7700 mm
Freeboard (light) 3530 mm
Freeboard (loaded) 1760 mm
Base slab 400 mm
Outer walls 300 mm