SeaMate 400T/450T Feed Barges

The SeaMate 400T and 450T feed barges are rectangular, 14mtr x 14mtr, reinforced concrete pontoons with silos, plant room, canteen and equipment, toilet, office, communication systems, generator, feeding system and safety equipment to comply with relevant legislation and guidelines.

The SeaMate is designed to be sufficiently robust to withstand all reasonably anticipated load combinations and be sufficiently durable to provide a long, low maintenance service life in the severe marine environment in which it will work. The design life is taken to be 40 years in accordance with BS8007 (Design of Concrete Structures for Retaining Aqueous Liquids). Factors of Safety have been introduced into the design process in accordance with BS8110 (Structural Use of Concrete) and BS6349 (Design of Maritime Structures).

The Base slab of the SeaMate is a minimum of 400mm thick. The outer walls are 300mm thick with 200mm thick partition walls. Both decks are 175mm thick. Structural fibres are used in the floor, walls and roof concrete of the accommodation.

The SeaMate has been designed for the marine environment, using materials and specifications chosen to ensure a long life with minimal maintenance. All materials used have been specially selected for their suitability for use in the hostile marine environment.

Accommodation can be custom designed to meet the specification of the client. The typical custom design might take in the different requirements for Office Space/Camera Room, Kitchen and Communal Area, Lounge, Wet Room and Lab/Vet Room. We have a vast experience from past projects of adapting to different design requirements.

Gael Force Engineering Ltd: have NQA ISO 9001:2015 certification for the Design and Manufacture of Floating Concrete and other Steel Structures, and the Design, Manufacture and Installation of Marina Pontoons. General Engineers and Fabricators.