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SeaFeed Offshore Feeding System

The development of our aquaculture feed system, SeaFeed, is the result of working directly with, and listening to, the needs of fish farm professionals and experience of over 30 years working within the industry.  SeaFeed puts the farm manager in control.  Bespoke software allows each farm to control the way they feed and in a way that suits them, their fish and the environment they grow their fish in.

Each element of the system has been selected to reduce feed waste, save energy, minimise maintenance and has operator and barge safety at its heart. A tried and tested blower is featured Gael-Force-Low-Res-7.jpgwhich is innovative, very compact and maintenance free with low noise output. The screw conveyor has been designed and developed in-house using our experience and lessons learned from installing well over 100 feed systems and which will deliver accuracy and reduce waste.

The selector is a concept with a unique solution that puts safety first. Farm operator safety and prevention of ingress of water are an integral part of the system design. Our SeaFeed system is designed and built to suit high energy sites where reliability, safety and low maintenance are critical to the performance of the site and the growth of the fish. To safeguard operators safety interlocks are fitted to each component where there are known risks of entrapment and injury. To safeguard the integrity of the barge our selectors feature a watertight “homing” position which the swan neck delivery pipe defaults to when not feeding, or when a pipe becomes detached.Gael-Force-Low-Res-9.jpg

To enhance accuracy and precision of the selected outlet from the selector valve and reduce maintenance, HTD belt drives are used in the selector valves which are available in either 4 way or 8-way outlet options.

SeaFeed Unique Features and Benefits

  • Simple easy to use control software – operator configurable
  • Safety built in for operator and barge
  • Feed friendly and easy to calibrate
  • Energy efficient
  • Very small blower footprint
  • Low maintenance
  • Low noise
  • Four and Eight outlet selectors available
  • Suitable for high energy sites

Whether your needs are for a new barge and feed system, a shore-based feed system or a feed system upgrade or installation on an existing barge, SeaFeed will be the right feed system for you and your fish.

We are actively seeking installation partners in all markets and would welcome your enquiries.

SeaFeed Feed System Software


Our SeaFeed software ensures that the user can control the feed distribution in a way that best suits the feeding characteristics of their livestock and their company feeding schedules, monitor their environment and their stock production. These include a number of unique features, such as:

  • Operator log in to ensure traceability of adjustments and feed distribution
  • Maintenance scheduling within the software, to highlight and monitor maintenance schedules for equipment
  • Environmental logging within the software to provide histogram functionality and monitoring
  • Feed pattern logging to allow monitoring of fish growth and also ease of operator training
  • Browser based programming to allow simple PC stability and reduce operator costs
  • Simple clear user interface screens to reduce operator fatigue
  • Overview screen with basic control functionality to prevent accessing multiple screens during camera monitoring