Feed Systems


Each element of our SeaFeed offshore feeding system has been selected to reduce feed waste, save energy, minimise maintenance and has operator and barge safety at the heart of its design. It is a feed system that puts farm managers and feed operatives firmly in control, backed up by a state-of-the-art software system that allows each farm to control and customise the way they feed in accordance with individual feed plans.


Kind to feed, generous to fish

The development of SeaFeed is a combined result of working directly with, and listening to, the needs of fish farm professionals and relying on our experience of over 30 years of partnering with aquaculture producers. SeaFeed is a feed system which puts control into the hands of the farm manager, with bespoke software allowing each farm to manage the way they feed and in a way that suits them, their fish and the environment they grow their fish in.

Each component of the system has been carefully selected to reduce feed waste, save energy, minimise maintenance and ensure that it has operator and barge safety at its heart. And although we offer system training which will enable operators to have the confidence to be able to instinctively use the system without difficulty, we take pride in always being available to offer that additional assistance or service support should it ever be required.




Minimises feed waste

Across all components of the SeaFeed Feed System, the minimisation of feed waste is a focus. From the gentle movement of feed in the screw conveyer, our selection of delivery pipe for minimising pellet breakage, and user-specific control of feed distribution via SeaFeed Software - detailed thought and professional expertise has gone into every point possible to assist in reducing feed waste. When SeaFeed is coupled with our autonomous and intelligent Pellet Detection system further improvements in feed conversion ratio will be achievable too.




Safety at its heart

The safety of farm operatives and feed barges in often challenging marine conditions is a priority. SeaFeed alleviates any concerns about safety by having a number of effective safety features across the system to help prevent entrapment and accidents.




Intelligent feeding

Our in-house technology team regularly ensures that our software is updated to meet the demands of farmers without the hassle of a mind-boggling interface. That is why users find SeaFeed so incredibly intuitive and designed to get the job in hand done; to feed fish efficiently.




Barge or shore-based

Whether your needs are for a new barge and feed system, a shore-based feed system or a system upgrade or installation on an existing barge we have full confidence our SeaFeed Feed System will be the right feed system for you and your fish.