Feed Selector

Our SeaFeed selector epitomises the sharp thinking our technology team puts into the design of our products, based on the insight and knowledge gained from our customers. Features to enhance farm operator safety and the prevention of unwanted water ingress are important factors in the system design. The selector is designed to suit high energy sites where reliability, safety and low maintenance are critical to site performance and the successful growth of fish. 


Key Points

  • As an extra layer of protection against water ingress to the feed barge or feeding platform, selectors feature a watertight “homing” position which the seamless swan neck delivery pipe defaults to when not feeding, or when a pipe becomes detached.
  • To enhance the accuracy and precision of the selected outlet from the selector valve, HTD belt drives are used in the selector valves which are available in either 4 way or 8-way outlets.
  • NORD gear motor rated to IP66 on deck. Dust-tight and protected against heavy seas. Designed to withstand conditions in a high energy environment.
  • Robust pipe clamping design offers easy access to feed pipes.


Total Accuracy

Proximity sensor within the selector unit ensures accurate positioning of the selector valve when feeding.




Safety at the heart of design

Safety switches on rotating equipment, including the selector, helps to protect against entrapment of the user. The selector will automatically ‘cut-out’ when a farm operative opens and lifts the selector cover.