Wrasse Feeder

Earlier this year, as part of an order for a SeaMate 350T Feed Barge, our customer requested we come up with an integrated solution to conveniently feed wrasse inside the pens at their site.  Our highly experienced engineering and technology team took on the challenge and got their heads together to solve it…

The SeaFeed Wrasse Feeder has been designed to offer in-pen feed management of wrasse.  Completely integrated into the barge and within the SeaFeed system silos can be filled with wrasse feed pellets via accessible hatches on the deck of the barge providing convenience to the farmer and avoiding the need to manually carry feed down below deck or out to the pens.

Feeding is completely controllable from within the SeaFeed Software yet separate management of the wrasse feed stocking from the salmon feed provides effective traceability of feeding.  Fitted out with high precision screw conveyers, you can be assured that feed pellets will be delivered carefully and in optimal condition to the pen.

Our wrasse feeder can be easily adapted and retrofitted to any SeaFeed system.

Key Features:

  • Flexible feed capacity
  • 10 - 130g/min feed rate
  • Accommodates 1.5mm to 5mm pellet size