The SeaQureHold anchor is a significant step forward in aquaculture mooring technology and has been developed and tested by our engineers to perform optimally in various substrates. SeaQureHold is a super high holding power anchor delivering more holding power than conventional spade anchors over twice their weight.

The twin shank, twin point fluke design results in a lighter, stronger construction for a given holding power with lower handling and lower shipping costs. It has a faster setting action, reducing seabed scarring and can rotate and reset under load.

Key Points:

  • Super High Holding power design and performance
  • Over twice the holding power of conventional spade anchors used in aquaculture for any given weight.
  • Improves holding power in soft ground and mud.
  • Lower weights for holding power result in lower handling costs due to smaller vessels and cranes being used in deployment.
  • Lower transport and logistic costs due to lower weights.
  • Very fast setting giving more positional accuracy and reducing seabed scarring.
  • Can rotate and reset under off centre loading.
  • Appropriate sizing of anchor shackles can be specified based on holding power not shank dimensions.
  • Alternative fluke angles can be provided for super soft or super hard substrates.

 Dimensions and Specifications

 Size  Indicative Holding Power  A  D
 375/15T  15,000 KG  1738 mm  1696 mm
 500/20T  20,000 KG  2023 mm  1965 mm 
 750/30T  30,000 KG  2209 mm  2152 mm
 1000/40T  40,000 KG  2503 mm  2418 mm
 1500/60T  60,000 KG  3093 mm  2998 mm