Pen Systems

Our robust and versatile fish farm pens are manufactured from tough polyethylene in sizes up to 200 metres in circumference, developed with decades of operator input. Our pens have been successfully installed in some of the harshest offshore marine environments in the world and are suitable for a wide range of species including salmon, bream, bass, tuna, trout and more.


Durability when it counts

We have developed our range of low maintenance, all plastic pen systems by drawing on over 30 years of experience within the global aquaculture industry and over 60 years of experience in engineered PE plastics and marine sector through our Group company, Gael Force Fusion. Our collaborative approach with key customers continually guides us on new development initiatives to enhance containment – for us, it’s about staying in tune with the changing environments of open pen fish farming and addressing those challenges head-on.




Responsible pen builders

We understand the importance of the environment to our customers. At the core of our values, we take our responsibility to care for the environment very seriously. We have practices and procedures in place to ensure we minimise the level of plastic waste output resulting from pen building and encourage and support the recycling of plastic.




Designed to be tough

The durable materials of which our pens are built with, uses the most advanced, traceable and quality assured PE jointing systems to ensure the strongest possible pens made from highest quality materials, designed and tested for very long life in challenging marine environments.




Wide range of sizes

Our pen systems range in circumference size from 35 metres up to 200 metres, with a number of different environments, farming methods and fish species catered for within the range. Our pens have featured in many different fish farming environments across the world.




Evolution at its best

Our most recent development, SeaQurePen 500, takes safety, stability and strength to the next level. In creating the SeaQurePen we have sought to lower producer costs through the ability to farm securely at greater scale in high energy sites while reducing pen clutter and increasing system reliability.