Mooring Components

Through our decades of experience and knowledge of specifying moorings systems in many sectors, we are well versed in carefully sourcing the safest and most secure components for application in all types of marine environments.




Shackle Plate

The Gael Force Shackle plate (connection node) is manufactured from heavy-duty galvanised steel with multiple connection points and ample space allowing for simple access for all connections. All holes are drilled to comfortably accommodate the shackles used in the grid connections, and with the additional pad eye on top to allow connection of the SeaQure Buoy. The shackle plate comes as a fully tested and certified product and is available in two sizes 100t and 150t.



Manufactured to our exacting standards based on the G-2130 spec shackle, the superior SeaQureShackle captures three extra layers of safety and durability in its design - it comes internally threaded, is secured with a nut and includes a metal retaining pin for added strength, security and peace of mind. Sizes range from 4.75T up to 25T and the shackles come supplied with a test certificate. Manufactured to EN13889 Standard Grade 6.


HHP Anchors

Designed and manufactured at our own facilities, the HHP (High Holding Power) anchor has proven through time to be a steadfast choice in mooring systems for aquaculture.  With a holding power of times twenty, the HHP is the ideal choice for use in traditional soft seabed environments as the way in which it has been designed allows it to set firmly into the seabed and offer outstanding holding power in the toughest environments. Like the SeaQureHold, the HHP is designed to ‘top and tail’ meaning it is very cost-efficient to transport. The anchor comes in a wide range of sizes from 250 kgs through to 3000 kgs.





The SeaQure Grip anchor is an in house engineered design anchoring solution, designed to hold on the solid rock bed and with a far superior holding power compared to a concrete block. A unique design with load pulling through the anchor offering excellent counterbalance and with the inclusion of a leading-edge grip. The design also allows the formation of a chain of anchors where forces dictate it. Easily built under licences within the local market transport costs can be significantly reduced.




Designed to connect with the SeaQureBuoy or be part of the SeaQureFlex bridle system. A specially constructed round, endless polyester fibre connector complete with double reinforced wear sleeves at either crown.



A flexible bridal arrangement using specially manufactured high strength grade 80 galvanised chain. 28mm master link is fitted to allow for either rope or SeaQureFast fibre connection to SeaQureLink.


Markers & Lights

Our capabilities extend to the specification and supply of navigation buoys for safe marking of aquaculture sites and marker lights for visibility to passing marine traffic.