Offshore Mussel Float

The Offshore Mussel Float is a robust and durable polyethylene float that has been developed for mussel farming operations in high energy offshore environments. Its modular construction and simple operation design features make it the ideal choice of float for the offshore mussel farmer when used in vertical axis systems.

Fusion Marine Offshore Mussel Float Farm Assembly


The PE floats are made from robust and durable High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is ideal for the demanding conditions found in offshore aquaculture. Featuring two unique injection moulded end-caps, the floats are manufactured using specialist butt fusion process and control techniques.

The injection moulded end-caps have a consistent wall thickness throughout with additional structural support in the headline connection area.

1) 125l float.

2) 250l float.

3) 180 x 250l floats can be transported with a standard 40ft Articulated Lorry.


  1. Pressure injection moulded-end cap ensures strong rope connection points and consistent 12mm wall thickness.
  2. Advanced butt fusion process and control techniques used in manufacture.
  3. Machined PE pin design for fastener arrangement for securing floats to mussel lines.
  4. Machined HDPE end-cap pin secures the rope to the top of the float


Offshore Mussel Float Technical Specifications

(Gael Force Fusion reserves the right to make improvements and changes to products and specifications without notice). Other shapes and sizes available upon request.

Float Size 125L 250L
Diameter 400mm
Length 1000mm 2000mm
Wall Thickness 12mm
Weight 18kg 35kg
Material High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)



1. Ø400mm HDPE pipe with 12mm wall thickness.


2. Ø400mm robust and durable injection moulded HDPE end-cap with pin attachment.


3. Ø35mm machined HDPE end-cap pin.


4. M27 stainless steel A4 flat washer.


5. Ø5 x 63mm stainless steel A4 split pin.


6. Spliced rope for headline connection (not included).