Made from blended polymers and using advanced processing techniques, SeaQure Line delivers unmatched performance beyond strength.

Gael Force Marine Equipment has introduced another component, the SeaQureLine, as part of their on-going development of an overall, bespoke mooring grid system. Working directly with manufacturers, Gael Force designed a rope that has a higher strength to weight ratio than conventional synthetic ropes.

The result is a lighter product that does not compromise on strength. The SeaQureLine is about 25% lower in weight and smaller in diameter but maintains strength equivalent to larger diameters. The lay of the rope also allows for easier handling, excellent shape retention as well as the all important abrasion resistance. 

Key Points:

  • New and innovative, very high breaking strength, high tenacity composite fibre rope.
  • Very high performance to cost ratio.
  • Torque free and balanced 3 & 8 strand construction.
  • Approx. 25% lighter weight compared to a rope of equivalent breaking strength making it easier to handle.
  • Smaller mooring jewellery can be used.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • UV stabilised, prolonging life.
  • Does not absorb moisture so easier to handle when wet.
  • Low stretch, low snap back characteristics.
  • High thousand cycle load level (TCLL) characteristics which are ideal for mooring grid lines, giving longer life.


 Polysteel Rope 8 Strand SeaQureLine 8 Strand  
Diameter (mm)  Mass per coil (220m) (kgs)  M.B.L (kgs) Diameter (mm) Mass per coil (220m) (kgs) M.B.L (kgs)  Increased minimum break load
 56  312  51,900  56  312  60,759  17.0%
 64  407  67,300  64  407  79,028  17.4%
 72  515  84,200  72  515  98,879  17.4%


    Polysteel Rope 3 Strand  SeaQureLine 3 Strand     
 Diameter (mm)   Mass per coil (220m) (kgs)   M.B.L (kgs)  Diameter (mm)   Mass per coil (220m) (kgs)  M.B.L (kgs)   Increased minimum break load
 40  158  25,700 40   158 32,200   25.3%
 48 229   36,600 48   229 45,400   24.0%


SeaQure Line




Light weight

Higher strength to weight ratio

Easier to handle

Possibility to downsize

High TCLL* value

*thousand cycle load level

Longer rope life

Cost saving

Torque free and balanced construction

Excellent shock absorption and low snap-back

Safer in use

Will not absorb moisture

Retention of original weight

Easier to handle when wet


pdf-icon.JPG SeaQureLine Advertisment from Fish Farmer Magazine 2015