Gael Force Marine Equipment are delighted to present the Mooring Node for fibre connections, SeaQure Link. Developed in-house by our team of qualified engineers and drawing on over 20 years of experience in Fish Farm mooring systems, SeaQure Link represents a step forward in mooring grid performance and integrity.

The development in design materials and production process has lead to the creation of our strongest and most robust connector to date. SeaQure Link is designed for use with rope, slings or chain (using fibre connectors), and provides critical ballast for the grid with ease of in-service management.

The thought process behind the Node was that it should; allow connection of Fibres (rope or sling), be capable of providing a securing point for fibre slings in a 'choke' position, be cast to provide high strength and be able to take over 60T tensile force without breaking as a minimum.

Using Lloyd’s approved testing the SeaQure Link has a minimum breaking load of 185T and can be used in a NS9415 grid system when correctly specified.

The cast steel construction is heat treated to add tensile strength before being galvanised then epoxy powder coated to reduce abrasion to fibre connections.

Key Points:

  • Provides mooring grid ballast, preventing grid from floating.
  • Super high strength connection node tested to 185 tonnes.
  • Inherent system ballast preventing grid floating upwards and therefore minimising the chance of ropes being cut by propellers.
  • Solid, stable and rigid operating in shear to known load capacities.
  • No fatigue inducing flexing as experienced with a lifting sling based node point.
  • No potential to suffer from salt ingress into fibre filaments.
  • Heat treated, galvanised and epoxy coated.
  • No metal to metal connections therefore dramatically reducing any future maintenance required.
  • Reduces the buoyancy requirement compared to shackle plates.


Dimensions and Drawings



 Outer Diameter of mooring ring

 600 mm

 Diameter of ring section

 70 mm

 Number of loading areas


 Construction Material

 Cast steel


 BS3100:1991 BT1

 Ultimate Tensile Force

 200 tonnes


 66 kg


 Epoxy powder coated



Case Study

pdf-icon.JPG LOCH DUART: Read about the deployment of the first moorings grid system using the SeaQure Link mooring node.  Read the article here...