New feed spreader spins into action


New feed spreader spins into action

It is the final crucial point in the feed pellet’s journey from silo to pen, and now we have developed a feed spreader that well and truly steps up to the mark to deliver feed safely and gently to your fish. 

Robustly engineered, SeaFeed Spreader has an adjustable outlet nozzle which can be customised in its alignment by site operatives to suit different feed types and pen sizes thus offering a variable spread to suit individual farm feeding styles. The robust float is a fabricated hex design offering total stability in the water which will, in turn, contribute to an even distribution of feed.

The feed spreader has been designed with a unique, tried and tested bearing design that offers smooth running and stability, housed inside an easy-to-access quick-release coupling that allows for ongoing maintenance - all while in situ in the pen.



Key Features:

  • Ensuring that pellets are handled gently is what SeaFeed is all about, and our spreader has been constructed to help do exactly this.
  • Solid bearing design which can be efficiently swapped out if required.
  • Designed to provide an excellent, balanced spread.
  • Smooth surfaces minimising fish damage
  • Stable, robust floating base designed to feed to your expectations in high energy conditions.

For more information about the SeaFeed Spreader, visit the product page here.

You can also access the technical sheet here.