SeaFeed all set for the limelight at Aqua Nor

The official launch of Gael Force's Offshore Feeding System takes place at Aqua Nor this month; a feed system which will revitalise the way in which fish farm managers carry out the task of feeding. It’s energy efficient, has a small blower footprint, and is low in noise output in comparison to other offerings on the market. The name? SeaFeed.

Gael Force has developed SeaFeed following months of extensive R&D, closely listening to the concerns and needs of fish farmers and operators. Having taken a range of feedback into account and setting it into development, the solution is one which fits the bill.

Utstillermerke-EN (2).jpgVisitors to Aqua-Nor are being invited to witness the system for themselves on Stand A2-606, which is described as “Kind to Feed, Generous to Fish”.

Accuracy and Reliability

Describing the thought-process behind the new system, Director Jamie Young said, “The overwhelming message we have been hearing is that fish farmers need an offshore feed system which is completely reliable – and we feel we have matched this expectation with SeaFeed.  It puts control into the hands of the farm manager, with bespoke software allowing each farm to manage the way they feed and in a way that suits them, their fish and the environment they grow their fish in.”  He went on to say, “Each element of the system has been carefully selected to reduce feed waste, save energy, minimise maintenance and ensure that it has operator and barge safety at its heart. The new tried and tested blower is innovative, very compact, and has a low noise output.”

Farm operator safety and prevention of water ingress are an integral part of the selector design and there is an emphasis on ensuring the integrity of the barge, with a watertight “homing” position which the swan neck delivery pipe defaults to when not feeding, or when a pipe becomes detached.

To enhance accuracy and precision of the selected outlet from the selector valve and reduce maintenance, HTD belt drives are used in the selector valves which are available in either 4-way or 8-way outlet options.

SeaFeed Unique Features and Benefits Summarised


  • Simple, easy to use control software – operator configurable
  • Safety built in for operator and barge
  • Feed friendly and easy to calibrate
  • Energy efficient
  • Very small blower footprint
  • Low maintenance
  • Low noise
  • Four and Eight-way outlet selectors available
  • Suitable for high energy sites

User Configurable Software

The SeaFeed software, developed in-house, ensures that the user can control the feed distribution in a way that best suits the feeding characteristics of their livestock and their company feeding schedules, monitor their environment and their stock production. This is supported by feed pattern logging which allows monitoring of fish growth and also provides ease of operator training. Traceability of adjustments and feed distribution is covered by unique operator login, and environmental logging within the software provides histogram functionality and monitoring.

While all of these features are detailed and in-depth, the clear user interface screens mean that software is simple to navigate and operate.


Additional features include:

  • Maintenance scheduling within the software, to highlight and monitor maintenance schedules for equipment
  • Browser based programming to allow simple PC stability and reduce operator costs
  • Simple, clear user interface screens to reduce operator fatigue
  • Overview screen with basic control functionality to prevent accessing multiple screens during camera monitoring

Another leap forward...

SeaFeed further extends Gael Force’s range of aquaculture equipment and services, adding to their renowned SeaQureMoor mooring system, their range of SeaMate feed barges of which the company is now building their 80th, and their robust pen technology range consisting of SeaSight Underwater Cameras, SeaLight Underwater Lights and SeaGuard Seal Deterrents.

With multiple orders for SeaFeed already confirmed for the system prior to official launch at Aqua-Nor and an active search for installation partners in all markets both domestically and internationally, it is fair to say there is a great tide of excitement building up to the launch of the system.

Gael Force will be exhibiting at Aqua-Nor 2017 on Stands A2-606 and A-006.  To find out more about the SeaFeed Offshore Feeding System today, visit