Fish Farm Power Distribution

The force behind the power

Secure, reliable and tidy Power Distribution to pens is critical for the operation of modern farms. But, maintaining uninterrupted power in a dynamic and exposed marine environment can be a challenge. With our extensive marine experience, we have introduced a newly created aquaculture specific design for full power infrastructure.


Fully Compliant to 18th Edition





Compliant to 18th edition regulations and signed off by our qualified electrician, the system allows for a fully flexible and safe installation from barge to pen. With individual RCDs, each power point on the pen can be monitored and controlled individually, meaning that should power trip you won’t lose power to the whole pen, or worse, multiple pens - only the affected piece of equipment will lose power.


Secure, reliable and tidy




Mounted in IP68 rated enclosures with our bespoke mounting brackets, the boxes are easily accessed and robustly constructed to withstand high energy conditions. Combined with our specific pen clamping solution and safe cable entry and exit on each pen, our power infrastructure solution is entirely safe, fully secure, and designed for the purpose.



““With our power distribution design you have individual circuit protection, for example, if you have one underwater light trip then the rest of the powered equipment in that pen, and all other pens, will continue to be powered – increased ‘up-time’ and less fault finding required.”

Duncan Anderson, Electrical Manager at Gael Force Engineering

Custom Designed

We will work with you to custom design power infrastructure to site-specific requirements.