SeaHaven Aqua Pontoon

Although the SeaHaven Aqua Pontoon was primarily designed for fish farming operations the pontoon is also ideal for a wide variety of business and leisure applications and have the capability to transform a shore location. By utilising specially developed butt fusion, electrofusion process and control techniques, its all-polyethylene construction means there is minimal use of metalwork in the SeaHaven Aqua Pontoon.


Key Points:

  • Incredibly tough all-plastic construction.
  • Versatile and effective central service working platform.
  • Specifically designed to meet individual customer requirements.
  • Simple and quick movement of stock and pen during operation.
  • Useful holding platform for fish transfer/feed lines and other small equipment.
  • Mooring points for small tender craft.


Pontoon Size 315
PE flotation pipe 4 x 315 mm dia. 6 x 315 mm dia. 4 x 450 mm dia. 6 x 450 mm dia.
Gross buoyancy per metre * 320 kgs 480 kgs 650 kgs 975 kgs
Length No limitation to overall length.
Deck width 1950 mm 2970 mm
Overall width 2200 mm 3020 mm
Freeboard 250 mm 450 mm
Handrail Fixed PE / Rope / None
Hammerhead Optional / Sizes available upon request.
* Calculations for seawater conditions.





Pontoon Parts:

  1. 4 or 6 x Ø315mm or Ø450mm thick-walled polyethylene flotation pipe.
  2. Heavy-duty PE base unit.
  3. Electrofusion stops used to minimise base movement.
  4. Ø315mm or Ø450mm pontoon support beam designed to sit on top of flotation pipes to create means for a walkway.
  5. Ø50mm retainer pipe used to secure pontoon beams to base units utilising electrofusion process and control.
  6. Slip resistance recycled plastic decking.
  7. Slip-resistant deck cover.
  8. Ø125mm PE handrail upright.
  9. Ø28mm rope or Ø125mm sturdy PE handrail.
  10. Stainless steel stanchion support.
  11. 6 x 2m pontoon hammerhead.
  12. Stainless steel mooring cleat.
  13. 4.3m/5 Tonne red mooring strop.