SeaFeed Pellet Detection

SeaFeed Pellet Detection

We recognise that maintaining an optimum feeding schedule, minimising feed waste and caring for the environment, is mission critical for feed operators.  We have invested in the development of modern pellet detection software which will provide highly sought efficiency savings and enable increased productivity.  The software is a standalone package for use with SeaSight cameras offering both visual and audio indication to the feed system operator to improve response time and reduce wasted feed.

  • Intuitive traffic light indication scheme with audio reinforcement.
  • Automatic compensation of changing lighting conditions means less operator intervention.
  • Highlighted pellets within the camera image.
  • Configurable trigger level.
  • A handful of parameters will optimise the detection algorithms making it simple to configure to the customer site.
  • Pellet path monitoring to advanced detection accuracy in difficult conditions.
  • Full system integration with SeaFeed.

Benefits of using SeaFeed Pellet Detection

  • Optimised feeding schedule
  • Minimises feed waste
  • Automated functionality* allows for increased staff productivity (*when used with SeaFeed software)
  • Caring to the environment