SeaGuard Acoustic Seal Deterrent

The SeaGuard 2-channel Acoustic Seal Deterrent is a proven ‘must have’ for aquaculture producers and fish farms.  Using the renowned Airmar DB+ II projector which has been modified and redesigned with approval, performance and lower power consumption.test-projector.jpg

The SeaGuard does not use sound alone to deter and maintain deterrence of seals, it uses physiological techniques rather than psychological 'scaring'. This is used to create an acoustic barrier or guard around each cage and the site.

Cetacean Friendly

We understand the need to ensure that our acoustic deterrents do not cause unnecessary harm to cetaceans.  Therefore, SeaGuard includes a whale and dolphin friendly 'soft-start' function - an extremely beneficial operation that gives mammals the opportunity to evacuate the area prior to the unit ramping up to full power.

Sensibly Designed

SeaGuard has been designed with simplicity in mind and with an emphasis on reliability. With just two projectors per controller on a pen, this means there are no unnecessary cables running between pens.  This reduces the likelihood of damage to cables and provides ease of maintenance.

Summary of Features:

  • Proven 10khz output using Airmar acoustic projectors.
  • Cetacean friendly “soft start” feature.
  • Simple and reliable system design – two projectors per controller meaning no cables between pens.
  • Projector status monitoring including projector detection, short & open circuit
  • Battery status monitoring with high-reliability digital signal processing.
  • Onboard data logging & wireless link to barge/shore.
  • Custom user software on barge/shore computer with data logging.
  • Customisable firing duration and soft start with remote access from Gael Force personnel.
  • Space-efficient design for low mechanical & wind loading on pens.
  • Optimised projector output and up to 3 times sound energy per site compared to our older six channel system
  • Barge/shore powered with battery backup - various capacity options with built in battery protection circuitry.
  • IP68 (3m) rated enclosure.

Technical Specifications:

 Input Voltage


 240Vac required for charging


 24Vdc Power Input

 x 2 SeaGuard Projector Output (Plug & Play functionality)

 SeaGuard COMMS output

 Average Current Draw

 On Low Power mode: 0.8A (Approx.)

 When Firing: 2.6A (Approx.)

 Effective Range

 40 metre radius

 Full 360 degree guard (omni-directional)

 Project Cable  Polyurethane Jacket
 Projector Cable Length

 Made to measure for specific sites

 ** Housed through handrail

 Battery Coverage

 48 hours

 Internal PCB battery for datalogging

 ** Alternative battery packs available

 Antenna Range

 15+ km (directional)

 150 mbps


SeaGuard Data Logging System: