SeaLight LED Underwater Lamp

SeaLight LED underwater aquaculture lamp system combines a high output and long life in a compact, energy saving package. With a 72% energy saving and a life expectancy of 70,000 hours; fuel/power consumption is reduced and downtime is minimal, saving you money.

These remarkably small lights have been designed for either hatchery or sea sight use and up to four lights can be controlled from one control box.

Each LED Light uses just 240W of power yet gives out the equivalent light of a 1kW conventional metal halide light. This represents a 72% saving in either electricity or fuel, a massive saving for the operator and great for the environment too.

With our own software package, each cage or tank can be independently controlled, allowing dimming and brightening to set out of normal hours.

  • Massive power savings.
  • 0-100% dimmable.
  • 14 times longer lifespan than conventional lights.
  • Compact and robust.


 0-240v Watt adjustable

 Colour Temperature


 Light Output

 28360 lumen

 Life Expectancy

 70000 hours






 1.5kg Anodised.

 4.5kg Stainless steel.

 System Power Supply

 Input: 110-240v AC.

 Output: 1-4 lamps 60v DC, 4A.

 Power Factor Correction

 PF = 0.99